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Lance Russell - Managing Director and team of contractors.

OHSAS 18001:2007 and OHSMS Requirements for Class A Removal(Telarc Registered)

The Owner of KTeam Ltd.
Lance & Barbara

Brief History

Lance & Barbara started Kowhai Home Improvements Ltd from small beginnings back in 1977. It was a service company mainly involved in textured ceilings, roofing restoration and floor coatings. The company expanded the operation to become nationwide and later started manufacturing their own products and even opened a small shop retailing their own manufactured paint.

They would be responsible for many of the sprayed textures that went up in Auckland in the late 70s and 80s before they dated and went out of fashion and they dropped out of textured ceilings altogether.

Over 20 years ago, they started manufacturing paint and some previous customers asked if they could now remove the texture from their ceilings. It seemed useful as a fill in over the winter months, but the demand was much higher than expected and so Kowhai started removing them, and restoring the ceilings and completing the restoration by skimming and painting. This went so well that in the peak in 2008, they had built up to 14 crews and did almost 1000 removals that year, before demand started dropping off.

When Kowhai was eventually sold, the new owners did not want the texture removal part of the business with the now rapid decline, simply because most had been removed anyway. At this point, KTeam Ltd was set up and widened its activities to now include other forms of asbestos removal including cement cladding(fibrolite), walls, soffits, roofs, fences etc as well as still providing the service for ceilings.

Admin & Sales

Lance Russell when operating Kowhai Home Improvements was already assisted by Keith Pearsley who now has joined the KTeam and shares the role of sales and admin with Lance. Keith worked for Kowhai for 14 years when he was the major salesperson for textured ceilings which peaked at just over 1½ million turnover, as well as sold gutterguard and painting in their period, Keith also managed an area of Auckland where Kowhai ran their own company operation for roof restoration which the rest of Auckland and NZ was operated by licensed owners. Keith in earlier years was involved in his own flooring business and more recently was employed in a very large business based in Australia as quality manager for a flooring business, the same person he worked with in his early years. Lance feels very lucky to share someone with the calibre of Keith to help him with the sales and admin. Keith lives on the Northshore and is happy to be working in his own home environment.

Long serving K Team contractors
Andy(left) joined Lance 2008, Simon(middle) started 1999, Joe(right) started 1999

The same key elements being retained and the contracting team

The key element to the KTeam operation has been the ability to retain staff, some of the present staff here have been with Lance from 10-20 years who are now the "asbestos" supervisors. They work on a fixed share of the sale price and are virtually like owner operators. They not only want to get the job through quickly, but also need to make sure customers are happy with their work so there is no excuse for payment to be held up. This way they can retain better staff and not go through a continual retraining process.

Lucky Draw

Kteam will also recommence the LUCKY DRAW which was so successful in the past. It works likes this. There are five categories, Quality, Efficiency, Cleanliness, Value for money & Overall Satisfaction with a final entry - "Would you recommend us" "Yes or No". Also they include tick boxes as to how the customers found them. All jobs go into a draw rated thus Poor 1, Average 2, Above Average 3, Excellent 4.

This is a very useful management tool as it not only measures the companies and contractor performances but also where the lead was generated from. From our last analysis, the referrals from when we started had gone from below 20% to over 50% - not bad for one off customers. In this last analysis taken, we had 3 giving us a poor rating, 31 as average, 249 as above average, and 738 as excellent from the five categories totalled up and only one replied they would not recommend us.

We will supply a form when we quote each job with a post paid reply. We would appreciate the feedback and who knows - you may be the winner!

Congratulations to Leonie Tapper from Morrinsville for winning our draw for this month. 

"Thank you to Lance, Andy and the KTeam. Their service was prompt and professional and they completed the job as requested on time. Lance was very flexible and when we needed another job done he fitted us in so as not to hold up the work site. I would highly recommend them not only for their efficient service but also for their very reasonable rates." - Leonie Tapper

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Message from Lance

"I feel privileged and lucky to have such a good team and our joint aim is to provide a top service which will result in a business built up by referrals as we have so successfully achieved in the past."