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Lance & Barbara

Brief History

KTeam since 1977 has been in no small way involved in asbestos textured ceilings. From small beginnings they started and established the “ Kowhai” brand with the main services revolving around roof restoration, floor coatings, and textured ceilings. Eventually they expanded to manufacture all their own products to a nationwide Kowhai group to all the main centres from Whangarei to Invercargill.

By the late 70s and 80s, Lance & Barbara were responsible for hundreds of sprayed ceilings going up in homes across Auckland ( the biggest job was over 400 rooms in the Sheraton Hotel ) which had become so popular. Eventually they went out of fashion and they dropped out of textures altogether. A few years later they saw the opportunity to now start removing textures, and not only just removed them, but skimmed and painted the ceilings to provide a complete service. This business grew and soon dominated the Auckland market by good service, skilled workmen and realistic pricing. This reached its peak in 2008 , building to 14 crews at one stage, and almost 900 house done in that year. Better still by that stage just over 50% were referrals or had heard of us which was for one off jobs phenomenal. It could not last and there has been a massive drop off of houses still with texture, but they are still out there.

Kowhai was sold and Kteam was formed with the emphasis of eradicating asbestos from homes and businesses across Auckland , Waikato and Coromandel. Because of the decreased demand for textured ceilings the asbestos removals now include cement cladding walls ( fibrolite ) , soffits, fences, roofs, ( decramastic and super six ) lino, pick ups and of course textured ceilings.

Recent Developments and staff.

First Barbara is now retired after spending years involved in the Kowhai growth and now is involved in voluntary work in the local community and enjoys golf. Lance is now in his 80s, but still enjoys meeting people and passing on his experience when appropriate. He has had a team of A class supervisors that collectively been with Lance for over 50 years. This team is very experienced and all have A & B class supervisor licences and all capable of not only removing the texture but doing the full renovation of skimming and painting the ceilings to deliver a top quality renovation job. They will be the only ones doing the ceiling textures that Lance quotes.

Lance wishes to slow down himself and enjoys least all the admin work that is now so much a part of this modern world so intends to pass his confirmed work to selected licensed holders who will also use especially for ceilings Lance's skilled and proven supervisors at a competitive price.

Call Lance Now. You will not regret calling Kteam today for all your asbestos removal needs for sound advice and realistic pricing.

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Message from Lance

"I feel privileged and lucky to have such a good team and our joint aim is to provide a top service which will result in a business built up by referrals as we have so successfully achieved in the past."