Asbestos Roofing - Superfix(fibrolite) and Decramastic

Decramastic Roof

There are two types of roofs that would be suspect for containing asbestos. You can be certain that any old fibrolite roof would contain asbestos. However not so commonly known is that the old decramastic roofs that may well have asbestos in them also. Those that used an acrylic bonding system would be ok but many of the older roofs used mastic and these would be the suspect ones. Most of these have gone past their used by date and need replacing anyway and we would best recommend replacing. To encapsulate them this could be done by a roof painting company, this could be an option, but as they really need a hard water blast first, this could spread small pieces with asbestos over your property. Also these roofs are very old and prone to rusting as well as when badly dented can cause leaks.

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Super six fibrolite roof being removed

KTeam are in a good position to advise and quote a removal for you, as in our previous business of owning Kowhai Home Improvements Ltd we have had years of experience restoring & painting roofs. We have even in later years put roofs on but we no longer do so. If you are a roofing company or client who has a preferred roofer we can provide a quote and work in with the roofing company. Alternatively, we can organise a one-stop service to remove the asbestos roof and replace the roof as a complete service. We work together, but provide two separate quotes, but there is no loaded mark up between us to remain more competitive.  On bigger jobs, a section can be replaced as the job progressess which of course still needs to have tarpaulins handy. This also requires working closely with the independent inspector to achieve this. Obviously it is better all around for everyone to pick a good weather pattern when removing a roof.

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