Asbestos Testing Cost Auckland, New Zealand

If unsure of the age of the material as to whether it contains asbestos, it needs to be tested in a laboratory.

We will collect a sample for you and report back with a written result, often by the next day, for a cost of $160 plus GST. We can use either of the labs below.

Alternatively you can do it yourself by going to Dowdell & Associates at 4 Cain Road, Penrose, Auckland or Hill Laboratories at 28 Heather St., Parnell, Auckland and delivering the sample in person. It will need to be double bagged and about a tablespoon full for approximately $90 plus GST.

However, as a guideline we know that it’s use in textured ceilings was prohibited in 1983. I know this for a fact as we were spraying textures up then and we had difficulty for six months getting our texture to stay up on the ceilings as the new formulations were being worked out.

So any ceiling texture manufactured after 1983 do not have asbestos in them and those 1983 or earlier most likely did. Our company actually manufactured spray on textures before they went out of fashion.

Fibrolite was pretty well in the clear from the very late 80’s when asbestos was dropped from its use altogether. Lino was much the same, but a few still went down in the early 90’s containing asbestos.

Site Surveys

We can arrange the services of a full site survey, if required. This would be a precaution on occasions where, for instance, a property is being sold subject to all asbestos being removed rather than just a particular suspect surface that needs to be identified as having asbestos. It is a legal requirement for all demolishment jobs to get a site survey first.

Clearance Inspections

All jobs at some point of the process will receive an inspection to see that it is done to meet Worksafe requirements. This can be swabs, a visual inspection or an air-test, depending on what has been done and the requirement. These inspections are carried out by an independent person known as an assessor and when the job is passed by him or her you will be sent a clearance certificate, with that report you will know the area worked on is now safe for re-entry. It is now up to you to appoint an assessor, but we are able to organise one for you if you preferred.

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