A Cautionary Tale About Asbestos Disposal

May 21, 2021

In this day and age, and with all the media coverage the topic has received, you would think that every New Zealander would be aware of the potential dangers of asbestos. Companies like ours have been warning of the possible hazards for many years and offering our professional services to alleviate any asbestos-related issue.

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Renovating? Read This First

February 24, 2021

We’re known as specialists in managing asbestos in Auckland and Waikato but that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in what’s happening further afield. By keeping up to date with asbestos-related news and views from around New Zealand and all over the world, we can offer you up-to-date information and opinions from other experts in the field. 

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We Do More Than Just Residential Asbestos Removal

January 26, 2021

There are many commercial and industrial buildings throughout the Waikato and Auckland regions that contain asbestos. As such, the demand for asbestos removal services in these areas is substantial and we are the first point of contact to ensure the process is handled efficiently and safely.

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Tearing Up Old Lino? Call Us First

November 25, 2020

We have spoken a lot about the presence of asbestos in New Zealand homes, businesses and industrial buildings. It was used so widely and had so many applications and benefits (or so was thought at the time), that it remains a common material right throughout the country. It’s found in all sorts of places but, if left untouched, it doesn’t pose an immediate risk.

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The Best Way To Deal With Asbestos Roofing

October 20, 2020

A recent online article published in New Zealand caught our eye. It was about asbestos roof tiles and as any article like that would obviously be of professional interest to experts like us, we read it with increasing concern. We thought we’d share the details with you and all of our clients in Auckland and Waikato who have any worries at all about asbestos roofing.

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Asbestos Roofing Is More Common Than You Think

September 24, 2020

When it comes to dealing with asbestos, we make things very easy for you. We’re the only team to call if you have any questions at all about asbestos or asbestos removal in Auckland or the Waikato region. We’re proud to offer our services as far south as Waikato and we have a lot of happy customers down there. 

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Asbestos Roofing Is More Common Than You Think

August 26, 2020

We’re the first people to call if you have any concerns over asbestos roofing. We can liaise with licenced contractors to deal with the situation. But during the first decades of the 20th century, asbestos roofing had a better reputation than it enjoys today. For example, roofing shingles containing asbestos were renowned for their durability, rigidity, and fire resistance. The shingles wouldn’t warp or rot and they were resistant to damage caused by insects. Back in the day, all those qualities were highly regarded and it is of little surprise that asbestos roofing was so widespread in New Zealand, and throughout the rest of the world. 

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What Does Asbestos Look Like?

July 09, 2020

For asbestos testing in Auckland, we’re often contacted by people asking us for advice on what the stuff actually looks like. The presence of asbestos is best determined by testing rather than by sight because it is something of a hidden and deceptive material.  

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Why Did NZ Build With Asbestos In The First Place?

June 09, 2020

Many of our clients ask why it was ever used in their building in the first place. The answer involves convenience and, believe it or not, safety! 

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What To Do When You Have Asbestos On Your Property

August 30, 2019

Part of maintaining good health and safety standards for people who live in Auckland is finding and removing asbestos in their homes and workplaces. However, if you suspect that there’s asbestos on your property here’s what to do. Get in asbestos removalist or if a commercial property get a management report.

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Asbestos Removal - Why You Should Stay Safe And Hire A Professional

August 29, 2019

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral found in rocks and metamorphic soils. It’s naturally occurring, and great to build with. However, it can be incredibly dangerous. For that reason, you should call if you find any in your home. Here’s how, and why, you should stay safe and get the best advice. We cover Auckland, Waikato.

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Five Important Facts That You Should Know About Asbestos

August 28, 2019

There’s plenty of information about asbestos online; however, it can get repetitive. What about the facts that you don’t know? Asbestos disposal in Auckland provide five important facts about asbestos that you should know.

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What Landlords Need To Know About Asbestos When Renovating

July 30, 2019

Being a landlord means that you have certain responsibilities to your tenants. What do you do when you find asbestos on your rental property? Getting help from Asbestos testing specialists in Auckland means that you’ll be equipped to manage whatever comes next.

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How You Can Safely Manage Asbestos In Your Home

July 29, 2019

How do you manage the asbestos in your home once you find it? Proceeding safely is paramount. If you want to diminish your risk of exposure and related illnesses, asbestos removal specialists provide tips on what homeowners can do to manage this risk in their homes.

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Can I Take An Asbestos Sample Myself?

July 26, 2019

When you suspect that your home contains asbestos, the next step to take is to get it inspected. It’s always recommended that homeowners rely on asbestos removal services instead of doing this yourself because it’s a dangerous substance. Here’s what the testing process involves, and why it’s not suitable for those without training and qualifications.

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Health Risks Of Asbestos Exposure And How To Avoid It

June 12, 2019

Historically, the use of asbestos in various products (including basic building materials) was quite common. Over the years, more and more evidence started to surface relating to the health risks it posed. It led to a ban on the use of asbestos in the late 1970s. However, buildings that were built before this time and are still in use by residential and commercial occupants could contain asbestos cladding, roofing, lino and other asbestos based elements. Exposure to asbestos can result in many health problems. Here are a few of the most common ones

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