How You Can Safely Manage Asbestos In Your Home

July 29, 2019

How do you manage the asbestos in your home once you find it? Proceeding safely is paramount. If you want to diminish your risk of exposure and related illnesses, asbestos removal specialists provide tips on what homeowners can do to manage this risk in their homes.

If You Want To Renovate

Having renovations done on your home includes removing walls, installing new ceilings, or remodelling your garage. Because asbestos is a dangerous substance, all precautions need to be taken before removing any of these. Before you start remodelling, get asbestos removal specialists to do a survey. They’ll inspect your home, take samples, and perform tests.

What Do You Do If You Find Asbestos?

If you find friable asbestos – i.e., asbestos that’s exposed to the air – it needs to be removed by specialists immediately. Before the renovations begin, the asbestos needs to be managed effectively so that you and the occupants of your home are safe from harm.

If the asbestos is non-friable (and therefore still intact), it can be left in place. If it’s still encapsulated, you’re safe from harm. Here are the options available to you regarding undisturbed asbestos that an asbestos removal specialist will recommend:

1) Leave It Alone

If the asbestos is in good condition, and not likely to be disturbed, you can leave it alone. However, you’ll still have to monitor it to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged. Once the fibres become airborne, you’re at risk, and it must be removed.

2) Encapsulation

Encapsulating asbestos means that it’ll be sealed in a way that it can’t become airborne. You can look at it as installing an extra safety barrier over the asbestos, which would put your mind at ease about exposure. For example, if it’s present underneath or in your vinyl flooring; you could install a new floor directly on top of it. There are also sealants available that manage asbestos by adding an impenetrable layer of paint.

3) Removal

Your last option is to remove it altogether. If you know you wouldn’t be comfortable with asbestos in your home, regardless of whether or not it’s a risk, then removal is the best solution for you. Besides, if you worry that it will get damaged eventually without your knowledge, you can circumvent a disaster by removing it once and for all.


If you find asbestos in your home, you should educate yourself before taking action. It’s possible to leave it alone and still be safe. Find out where it is, and if it’s a risk. Asbestos removal specialists can assist you in managing asbestos in your home, as well as perform inspections, test, encapsulate, and remove asbestos.