The Best Way To Deal With Asbestos Roofing

October 20, 2020

A recent online article published in New Zealand caught our eye. It was about asbestos roof tiles and as any article like that would obviously be of professional interest to experts like us, we read it with increasing concern. We thought we’d share the details with you and all of our clients in Auckland and Waikato who have any worries at all about asbestos roofing.  

The article quoted the president of the Scrap Metal Recycling Association of New Zealand who said that asbestos-contaminated roof tiles are regularly being sent to New Zealand scrap metal yards once they’ve been removed from a roof. Thankfully, the article went on to say that members of the Scrap Metal Recycling Association were aware of the need to check roofing tiles arriving at their yards so they could control the risk from that point onward. The thing is, what about the risk to those who removed the tiles in the first place? 

The people who handled the tiles probably didn’t know they were contaminated but when it comes to removing older roofing tiles, the best approach is to believe they contain asbestos, even if they don’t. A call to someone like us would be the obvious thing to do. This is something the president of the Scrap Metal Recycling Association was very aware of when she said:  

“If you want to remove metal tiles from your roof, you really need to use a professional company that will identify tiles that could contain asbestos and dispose of them correctly. People needing to remove asbestos-containing materials should use an approved person, who holds a permit, to dispose of the material at an approved site. There are a limited number of landfills that can receive asbestos. Sadly some unprofessional people would prefer to avoid this cost and put people at risk.” 

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. When you take a professional approach and call in the experts, the risk is controlled and the panic that seems to arise whenever asbestos is mentioned is prevented.  

The best way to deal with asbestos roofing if you’re in the Auckland or Waikato regions is to call us first. We can advise you on the best way to proceed and we pass on any work to only licenced and experienced professionals. We’ll make it easy and stress-free.